Enjoy the best view in St. George’s Castle

Do you know those completely flat cities, where you can walk several miles a day and you just want to keep on going without feeling tired? Forget it, Lisbon is completely different! This is a city known for its seven hills, which is to say that you will be going up and down these hills. Up and down. Up and down …

The best part? First you can take a ride in the charming trams or the old elevators of the city, or the latest tuk tuks, which meander through the narrow streets of the most historic areas of the city. And then because on top of these hills, after recovering your breath, you are offered some of the most beautiful views you’ll ever have the privilege to watch!

DSC_0150 One of the most popular viewpoints of the city is Castle of St. George, but to find it is like participate in a real challenge. There’s a brand new elevator strait to the castle, but in reality is not that strait and due to the lack of signposts you just have to ask locals the typical question: Castelo?

DSC_0142 But it’s not that difficult. Take note: In downtown Lisbon look for Fanqueiros Street, 170, enter the Castle Elevator and press the B button. Get out to the street, cross the road, head left and go through a wide. Turn right and look for a tall building, with Pingo Doce supermarket. Come in, find the elevator and head to the rooftop.


Then exit, head right, go straight, pass by Chapitô (Arts School of Lisbon) and go straight until you can turn left. Go up and when you start to see the bustle of tourists follow them. You arrived at the Castle of St. George.



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