Web Summit: Your Survival Guide

Lisbon is the city that everybody’s talking about. The weather is great, the food is amazing and lisboners are extremely friendly. But if it’s your first time in town and you are busy planning what conferences you want to attend, you probably didn’t have time to plan what to see and do in the city.

Well, this survival guide might give you a hand.

How to get to Web Summit?

The conference is held in the oriental part of the town, where in 1998 (probably you weren’t even born!) Expo 98 was held. It was a worldwid exibhition dedicated to the oceans and attracted 11 million visitors. Some of the pavilions were constructed specially for the exibition, like Pavilhão Atlântico, the main stage of Web Summit.

To get there you can take the subway (red line and exit in Oriente) and walk until Pavilhão 4 (prepare to walk 20 min and to wait in lines to get in, especially in the first day). You can buy a web summit metro passes for 1 day (10€), 3 days (20€) or 5 days (25€) and you can ride on metro, bus or train.

You can also take a Uber or Cabify that has cars with 8 seats fit the category Groups, with allows several people in one car, with special price.

Here is a map to guide you


Why getting out of Web Summit?

Yes, everything you look forward and the people you want to meet are inside the área of Web Summit, but you are in Lisbon and there are some things you can’t miss:

Visit the castle

Walk around Mouraria


Eat petiscos

Listen to Fado


Lisbon by night: What is pink street?

In Cais do Sodré, an area of restaurants and bars and were people usually go out at night, there is a street painted in pink were mos tof people concentrate. After web summit there are two meeting points for hangout and have a beer: Cais do Sodré and Bairro Alto.

In Cais do Sodré try these two bars: Pensão Amor or O Bom, O mau e o Vilão.

See the party here


What is LX Factory?

Imagine old buildings transformed into a trendy area of artists and crafts and coworking spots. This is LX Factory, where web summit is going to take place on Wednesday night.



Side events

Apart from conferences and pitchs there are several side events to attend.



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