sonia ramalho

My name is Sonia Ramalho and I’m a journalist living in Lisbon for more than 10 years. In the beginning it was difficult for a country girl to get used to the ‘big’ city, but as time passed by I learned to love the city by getting lost in it.

I discovered narrowed streets, quiet places, beautiful sightseeings and most of all I felt in love with the astonishing light of this city. There’s nothing like it in the whole world.

And because there are so much more to discover I want to share with Lisbon visitors my findings, so they can also feel a little of this love for this beautiful city. That they learn how to enjoy the best of it. And when it’s time to say goodbye they understand the meaning of the unique Portuguese word: saudade!

For more info or appointments for photo tours use this email:


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