Find an oasis in the middle of the city

If you find yourself missing your beloved plants while you’re on vacations, even for a brief weekend, there are several gardens in Lisbon where you can be around plants and enjoy some time around nature.

And yes, science says spending some daily time surrounded by nature improves your mental and physical health. So what are you waiting for? I know just the perfect spot for you:

Jardim da Tapada das Necessidades

Hidden in a less touristy side of Lisbon, between Alcântara and Lapa district, the 24ac park remotes to 1742, when king D. João V decided to build side by side a convent and a palace for his residency.

The park had several improvements over the centuries, like the circular greenhouse built in 1857, or Casa do Regalo, a pavilion that used to be a painting atelier for queen D. Amélia, in 1889.

The grennhouse

Nowadays you can still look at those historical buildings, despite they are abandoned and the greenhouse closed and unfortunately not in a very good shape. Besides that, you can enjoy the park and walk around peacocks, gooses, parrots and ducs, since the place has three lakes surrounded by tall trees.

But what about plants, you may ask? Well, besides trees you will find dracaenas, cactus, phytolacca dioica, celtis australis, ceratónia síliqua or olea europaea.

Where: Largo das Necessidades
How to get there: Buss 773
When: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm. Weekends from 10am to 6pm
How much: Free


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