Visiting Praça do Comercio? Don’t forget to climb the arch

For many years it was closed to visitors and no one could imagine it was possible to climb up there and see the stone figures so close. Until 2013, when the monument was open to the public.

If you are visiting Lisbon this is mandatory monument to explore. Well, unless you suffer from dizziness, of course. Because from up there you can have a 360º panoramic view over the city, with the Cathedral, and the Castle and the rooftops and, of course, the Tagus river.




Discover the entrance right under the arch, take a ride in the elevator and in the first floor take your time to observe the old mechanism of the arch clock and to discover the history of the monument. It was planed after 1755 earthquake and it was finished in 1875.

Discover the small stairs that leads you to the top of the arch and let yourself be blown away by the view. It’s just here that you can see the true size of the sculptures.





Take your time to see everything and go early. This way it’s just you and the statues of Viriato, Vasco da Gama, D. Nuno Álvares Pereira and Marquês de Pombal.

Where: Rua Augusta

How much: 2,5€

When: 09h00 to 19h00




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