7 ways portuguese deals with cold

Winterless country?! Yeah, right!

In Lisbon we don’t have real snow, nor negative temperatures, but that does’t mean temperatures remain warm all winter. These week it’s quite cold and if you happen to be in Lisbon, or other portuguese city, here some ways we deal with cold. When in Portugal, be portuguese.

Tired horse soup

More usual in the north of the country, where winter is more cold than the center, it’s common to dring a bread soup made with wine! We call it sopas de cavalo cansado and it’s suposed to warm the body first thing in the morning!


It was common for men to wear ceroulas, an underwear pants to wear under the pants especially during winter days.


Typical portuguese coat made with thick wool and fox fur collar, it was common in shepherds to protect from winter.

Hot water bag

Portuguese apartments are not the best example of a warm home and it’s common to sleep with a hot water bag to warm up hands and feet. That and heavy blankets, before the rise of duvets.

Enjoy the sun

Despite winter we still have blue sky and it’s common to use the energy of the sun to stay warm during the day.

Chesnuts to warm the hands

Is Lisbon downtown chase the white smoke. There are several spots to buy roasted chestnuts, very tasty and a powerful tool to warm the hands and the stomach.

Dinner by fireplace

What is best that eat by the fireplace? Common in big houses, once in Lisbon you can still eat by the fire in a special room in Cultura Portuguesa do Café.



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