Lisbon’s too hot for you? Here’s 7 ways to go to the beach

Lisbon is famous for it’s good weather and blue sky, but during summer days it can be very hot.

Hopefully we are close to the sea and you can escape to the beach. Don’t have a car? No problem, there’s other ways to go to Costa da Caparica or Cascais. Choose what’s best for you.

Costa da Caparica



Since 2014 there’s a new way to explore the beaches in Costa da Caparica – the Beach Shuttle. One ticket costs 10€ and you can take the shuttle In Praça da Figueira directly to Costa da Caparica. The best part is you can take your surf board, bodyboard, sun hat or volleyball with you.

Take note of schedule:

10h00-16h00 | 12h00-18h00 | 15h00-18h00

There’s also a bus you can take everyday in Praça de Espanha to Costa da Caparica, Sesimbra (Praia da Califórnia) or Setubal (Arrábida), depending on what beach you like to discover.


The fast way to get to the beach is by train. You can take it in Cais do Sodre and choose where to exit: Carcavelos (the biggest and more crowded), Estoril or Cascais, where you have beaches to discover, as well as the city. Try Santini ice creams.

You can also take the train to Sintra and then a bus to several beaches like Praia Grande or Ericeira.  You can also find the old tram train that goes from Sintra to Praia das Maçãs, a beautiful and exquisite journey that you will remember for life.

Sintra Tram

To explore the marvelous beaches of Troia take the Fertagus train (that goes bellow 25 de Abril bridge) in Sete Rios to Setúbal and then a ferry boat to Troia. If you get lucky you will see the Dolphins when you cruise the sea all the way to Troia.

And in Costa da Caparica you also have a train – Transpraia – that takes you to several beaches. 19 beach is well known because is gay friendly and the train stops in Fonte de Telha, the last one.

Transpraia – Costa da Caparica-Fonte da Telha


You can rent a bike and go to Belém. Here you an take the boat to Trafaria and when you exit turn right and follow the path of the bikes all the way to the beaches. No ups and downs, just strait ahead. Cova do Vapor is the first beach and then São João.

Stay all day enjoying the sun and the sea, but pay attention to the schedulle on the last  boat.

These year you can also discover the new ciclovia that goes all the way until Caxias, where you can enjoy the beach. From Lisbon to Caxias it’s 12km.


It’s the more practical way to go to the beach and you can rent a car all day.

If you choose this option be aware of traffic jams in 25 April bridge, especially at the end of the day, both ways. You only pay to pass the bridge from Almada to Lisboa (1,75€).

Besides Costa da Caparica you can also go to Sintra and explore several beaches like Adraga, Praia Grande, Azenhas do mar or Ericeira. The watter is much more cold than Costa da Caparica or Cascais, and the waves are also bigger. Praia da Ursa it’s a gem and it attracts naturists. Prepare for a rough path of 30 min to go there.

Praia da Ursa

You can also cross 25 abril  bridge and go to Arrábida – where you find hidden beaches of difficult access. All of them worth it.


If you don’t get seasick go to Belém and take the boat to Trafaria. You can also take the boat in Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas and then a bus to Costa da Caparica.


You can rent a scooter with Ecoltra and they provide helmets. You can choose between  125cc or 50cc, the electric model. If you choose the 50cc and you choose to go to Costa da Caparica you have to take the boat in Belém, because it’s not authorised to pass 25 abril bridge.



Don’t like none of the options? You can always walk to Praça do Comércio and find the mini beach there. Be aware that is Rio Tejo, not Atlantic ocean, so avoid take a bath 😉


Vodafone developed an app that’s one of my favourites during summer time. Praia em Directo gives you info about wind conditions, temperature of the water and what’s the best beach that day. Try it!


Note: Photos powered by Huawei P9 Mate




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