Missing Lisbon already? Try virtual visits


2020 will be known as the year all plans got cancelled due to a dangerous virus that locked everybody home. If you had plans to visit Lisbon for the first time in 2020, or if you were planning to return for 2 or 3td time, forget it. Somebody pressed pause and we are waiting for a miracle vaccine to end the pandemic caused by coronavirus.

While you’re waiting for 2021 to get out of home, you can visit some Portuguese monuments thanks to virtual reality. Ok, I know it’s not the same thing as getting the sun in your face while walking nearby Tejo’s river with one pastel de nata in each hand, but still you can peek inside Jerónimos Monastery or Belém Tower, or take a closer look at Pena Palace, in Sintra, without climbing all the way to get there.

You can also explore Portugal from north to south, and perhaps plan a more detail trip next time you visit us. Take a closer look at my hometown, the beautiful city of Évora, in Alentejo, the ancient Marvão castle or Coimbra’s University.

So much to discover in one small country that you will be flamagasted (always wanted to use these word).

Vista aérea geral


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