Need a place to relax in Cais do Sodré? Keep calm and find Tati

Before you start reading this you have to know that Tati is about to close by the end of the year. The reason? More the same: the hight price of the rents in Lisbon. Before that happens you have to live the good vibe of this special place in Cais do Sodré.

What used to be an old district of sailors and wild nightlife, today Cais do Sodré is well known for it’s pink street where you find trendy restaurants, bars and pubs. But besides that, during daylight, you also find places that deserves your visit such as Branco sobre Branco.

And when you feel you want to relax just look for Café Tati, a place with a cool atmosphere and where you can have a light meal, drink a glass of wine and enjoy the light that enter the beautiful place decorated with a vintage atmosphere. Yes, we are keen of a vintage look.






On Sunday afternoons you can listen to jazz concerts or take a brunch, They have natural juices, bread, cakes and homemade jams.

Where: Rua Ribeira Nova, 36

When: 11h00 – 01h00




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