Pollux – There’s a new terrace in town

You probably passed by this building several times on your way to Praça da Figueira, Elevador de Santa Justa or Praça do Comércio. When you look at it, Pollux it’s just a regular store with articles for your home – a portuguese version of IKEA. It’s devided into several floors, each dedicated to a division – kitchen, bathroom, livingroom and so on.

But on the 8º floor of Pollux lies a secret that only few locals knew: a large terrace with a gorgeous view over Lisbon downtown rooftops and Convento do Carmo. With no waiting lines. With a place to seat. And with €0,60 expresso.



But that has change. The old space got renewed and now it’s a modern space with confortable sofás for you to enjoy the view wile you taste your expresso. But now you pay for the confort: one expresso is 2,50€.


Chef Miguel Castro Silva is the man behind this trasformation and developed a modern menu for Less, the name of the new spot, with gaspacho, burguers or tartatus. You can also taste deserts like creme brulée or tiramisu.


TIP: To get there you have to enter the Pollux store and take the elevator until the 8º floor. Have patience in the elevator: it’s normal to stop in every floor for local customers of the store.

Where: Rua dos Fanqueiros, 276

Monday to Wednesday – 10h00-20h00

Thursday to Saturday – 10h00-00h00


Note: All photos with Huawei Mate 9


2 thoughts on “Pollux – There’s a new terrace in town

  1. bonjour,
    Quelqu’un pourrait-il m’aider à trouver la référence de cette table basse avec les pieds en épingle ?
    Est-elle à vendre chez pollux ?
    En vous remerciant


    1. Hello Vanessa! Thank you for your comment, so sorry but I don’t know where you can find those tables. They are part of the restaurant deco, but I don’t think they are for sale in Pollux.
      Best regards


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