5 ‘miradouros’ that will take your breath away

Ahh, Lisbon, the city of the seven hills that will test your resistance to climb every stairs there is in the world to reach the top of the hills. But you know what? It’s worth every effort. Up there you will find a magnificent view over the city. And if you don’t want to climb, you have the option of the tuk tuk. Or the tram.

Here is a list of the 5 best ‘miradouros’ of Lisbon:

St. George’s Castle

This is my favourite. Up here you can have a view of the entire city starting in Tejo river, passing the orange rooftops of Lisbon downtown all the way until Graça hill.

Tip: Choose the early hours or the end of the day to catch the golden hours and avoid tourism flood.


Rua Augusta Arch

It’s our Arch of Triumph. It was closed for centuries but now you can climb up there to see Praça do Comércio from the top. It has an elevator, so you don’t have to take too many stairs.

Tip: Take time to appreciate the ancient clock.


Portas do Sol

The best spot to appreciate the rooftops of Alfama, one of the ancient neighborhoods in Lisbon. The sunset over Tejo river is magnificent.

Tip: Visit Portas do Sol, a terrace coffee and cocktail bar.


Águas Livres Aqueduct

Built between 1731 and 1799, these structure was planned to transport water to the city of Lisbon. It’s a national monument and from here you have a rare vision of the city.

Tip: This was the place where the first portuguese serial killer attracted his victims


S. Pedro Ancântara

From here you can enjoy the view over St. george’s Castle and Lisbon downtown. It has a garden where you can have a rest and enjoy a fresh drink.

Tip: To get there use Elevador da Gloria, an ancient elevator from Rossio to Miradouro S. Pedro Alcântara




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