Petiscos: what the hell is it and where to eat

Portuguese call it petiscos. Spanish call it tapas. That’s the main difference: it’s a question of words that means almost the same: something you eat as an appetizer or in those days you’re not hungry enought to eat an entire meal.

This quick meals tastes like heaven, but you don’t eat it everyday. You can give it a try in old traditional taverns, or now in fancy restaurants because it’s a new trend.

Just like a starter it can be served hot or cold. We even have a verb for that – petiscar – when we want to eat just petiscos, have a couple of beers ou a glass of wine and chat with friends.

You can find petiscos in almost every restaurants or taverns, specially in summer days, like a plate of snails allong with a cold beer. Ah, do we eat snails? Yes, and other crazy petiscos. The weird the better. Be brave enough to try it and choose your favourite.


7 Petiscos you must give it a try


(Pork meat with pickles)


Salada de polvo

(Octopus salad with plenty of coriander)


Salada de orelha

(Ear pork salad)


Peixinhos da horta

(Breaded green beans)



(Boiled snails with oregano’s)


Petingas fritas

(Little fried fish)



(Seafood that tastes like ocean)



Where can you find it

Zé dos Cornos – Beco dos Surradores, 3

Petiscos no Bairro – Rua da Atalaia, 133

Taberna da Rua das Flores – Rua das Flores, 103

Varanda Vale Formoso – Rua do Vale Formoso de Cima, 113B

Tapisco – Rua Dom Pedro V, 81


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