And the best NOS Alive concert goes to…

I have to confess: I was anxious to see Savages perform live on NOS Alive. The schedule was not the best – 18h45 – which means during daylight. Was the band, and Jehnny Beth, going to tear the place apart? Oh yeah! Jehnny started by trying to convince the audience to make more noise, if they wanted to see extra noise, and oh boy, do these girls know how to make noise!!




The climax came when Jehnny Beth went on a surf crowd that blown away the fans. If anybody wants to know the definition of a perfect Friday night, this is it. Tons of energy, shouts and dancing in a perfect communion. Don’t let the fuckers get you down keep repeating Jehnny Beth, a slim figure on a black bra and red shoes and lipstick, but don’t be fooled: this woman has the power of a wonder woman.




Personally it was the best concert of NOS Alive 2017, but here is my top 5:


The XX

Jessy Lanza

The wild Beasts

The Foo Fighters


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