NOS Alive: what you need to know and a survival kit

Are you in the group who could get their hands on a ticket for NOS Alive? Lucky you! The first Portuguese summer festival is sold out for months – and stars tomorrow. Yes, you read it well: sold out. This means the organization is expecting 165 thousand people in the 3 days to see bands like Alt-J, The XX, Wild Beasts, the Kills, Foo Fighters or Depeche Mode.

What to wear? Do you need a jacket for the evening? How do I get there? And most important, who do I get out of there?

Calm down, this is what you need:


Prepare to walk. A lot! From train station to the concert área is more or less 1km, but since you would be cruising from one stage to the other, the distance in the end of the night will be long.


The concert area is close to Tejo river, witch means it will be cold at night. Take a jacket or don’t leave the mosh area.


The lines for the ATM may be long, so to avoid that take some money with you.

Small bags

Police will be watching inside everybody’s bags, literally, so don’t take many things with you.

Power bank

Uploading photos to your social media can kill your cellphone battery, so don’t forget to take your power bank.

Viva Card

Charge your Viva Card before you get to Cais do Sodré trainstation. Long lines will be expecting you.

Uber or Cabify

If you’re too tired to take the train back home you can previously book a Uber or a Cabify.


Where: Passeio Marítimo de Algés

When: 6 to 8 jully

How to get there:

Train: From Algés to Cais do Sodré: 2h15, 2h30, 2h45, 3h00, 3h30, 4h00, 4h30 and 5h15) and Cascais – 2h15, 2h30, 2h45, 3h00, 3h30, 4h00 and 4h30. On Saturday there will be more trains from Cais do Sodré to Algés – 18h10, 18h30, 18h50, 19h10, 19h20 and 19h40.


Forget the idea. It’s almost impossible to find a place to park the car. Unless you want to go to Alegro Alfragide, a shopping mall that allows to park on the second floor. With your concert ticket you can get a ride, for free, on the Alegro BUS, every 30 min, from 16h00 to 03h00.


There is a special pitstop where you can book a car with the help of the app.


6 Jully
Stage NOS
The Weeknd – 00h50
The xx – 22:40
Phoenix – 20:50
Alt-J – 19:10
You Can’t Win, Charlie Brown – 18:00


Stage Heineken
Glass Animals – 02:55
Bonobo (Live) – 01:25
Royal Blood – 00:00
Ryan Adams – 22:00
Blossoms – 20:20
Rhye – 18:50
Gelpi – 17:50
Veintiuno – 17:00


Stage NOS Clubbing
Carlos Cardoso – 03:00
Batida – 01:40
António Bastos – 23:50
Jessy Lanza – 21:50
Karlon – 20:35
Niles Mavis – 19:25
Wack – 18:10
Rita & O Revólver – 17:00


7 Jully
Stage NOS
Foo Fighters – 00:00
The Kills – 22:05
The Cult – 20:30
Courteneers – 19:10
Tiago Bettencourt – 18:00


Stage Heineken
Floating Points – 03:00
Parov Stelar – 01:30
Local Natives – 23:20
Wild Beasts – 21:40
Warpaint – 20:10
Savages – 18:45
Lot – 17:50
Eden Lewis – 17:00


Stage NOS Clubbing
Bandidos (DJs) – 03:00
Ramos vs Mitsuhirato (DJs) – 02:00
Bispo – 23:10
Modernos – 21:55
Pega Monstro – 20:40
PISTA – 19:25
Cave Story – 18:10
Killimanjaro – 17:00


8 July
Stage NOS
Depeche Mode – 22:15
Imagine Dragons – 20:30
Kodaline – 19:05
The Black Mamba – 18:00


Stage Heineken
Peaches – 02:30
The Avalanches – 01:10
Cage the Elephant – 23:40
Fleet Foxes – 21:40
Spoon – 20:10
Benjamin Booker – 18:45
Plastic People – 17:50
Monstro – 17:00


Stage NOS Clubbing
Trikk (DJ set) – 02:50
Switchdance (DJ set) – 01:35
“10cotexas” – The Discotexas Band – 00:15
Mike El Nite – 21:25
Marvel Lima – 20:10
Mr. Herbert Quain – 19:10
GPU Panic – 18:00
Ghost Wavvves – 17:00




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