start exploring Lisbon South Bay

No, it’s not Tenerife, Morocco or the plain desert. In the other side of Tagus river you will find… Cacilhas! Say what? Yes, Cacilhas! If you take a boat (cacilheiro) in Cais do Sodré it takes you less than 15 minutes to reach to the other side – Lisbon South Bay – as it’s now called.


When you reach Cacilhas you will find some nice restaurants near the river with delicious fresh fish and seafood to taste. Then you can rent a bike (burras) from a kiosk near the exit of the boats and explore the surroundings.


Right beside the river go straight ahead and you will find a nice view over Lisbon, as well as two of the restaurants with a better view: Ponto Final and Atira-te ao Rio (but don’t do as the name says – throw yourself into the river. It’s a river, the currents are strong and it may be dangerous).


Explore a bit further and you will find a small garden where you can take a rest before the comeback. Again in Cacilhas ask your way to Almada and explore the old part of the city and what it has to offer.

And don’t be stressed by the time to get back to Lisbon, you have boats until 01h00.

What’s the next boat/cacilheiro

Where can I rent a bike

Where to eat petiscos, listen to good music and enjoy the view

Ginjal Terrace

Cais do Ginjal, 7

Tuesday to Thursday, 07pm to 00h00

Friday and Saturday, 07pm to 03h00


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