Where (and how) Listen to Fado

Give a rest to your iPhone, stop talking and stay silent: you are about to listen to Fado! This is the traditional warning made at the beginning of a Fado concert. Silence, Fado is about to be sing.

But why in the hell do I have to be silent?

Fado comes from our soul, even when you don’t understand a word they are singing, you will get goose bumps over this mournful, yet beguiling musical expression.

Fatinha, Fado singer, and Miguel in the heart of Mouraria

If you are in Lisbon, it’s mandatory to take a night out to listen to this unique musical style that combines perfectly voice and melodic Portuguese guitars that has in Amália Rodrigues it’s symbol.

All over Bairro Alto, Alfama or Mouraria (the birthplace of Fado), you will find plenty of restaurants and Fado houses that host performances of this unic type of music. In the summer, if you get lucky, you can find amateur singers perform in some narrow street or during the celebrations on St. Antony.


Since we are in the winter, try one of this:

Maria da Mouraria

At the entrance of Rua do Capelão, the sculpture of a portuguese guitar points the right path: you are about to find Maria da Mouraria, what used to be Casa da Severa, a woman who sing and play guitar like no one. Rebuilt and adapted, the house is now under the management of Museu do Fado. It has a restaurant that serves Portuguese delicacies. Is the only Fado House in Mouraria.

Where: Rua do Capelão, Largo da Severa, 2

Casa do Chico

In the earth of Bairro Alto, this is the place to find if you want to listen to impromptu Fado at a down-to-earth ambience. It’s one of the oldest and more traditional taverns in town.

Where: Rua do Diário de Notícias, 39


In Cais do Sodré, na alternative to Bairro Alto night life, you will find this place where you can eat traditional Portuguese delicacies, at the same time an young artist sings Fado.

Where: Rua Nova do Carvalho, 32-36

Clube do Fado

This is one of the places where you can listen to Fado in Alfama. Close to Sé, this is a place that pays special attention to decoration details, where you can eat traditional Portuguese food and listen to several Fado artists.

Where: Rua de São João da Praça, 86/94


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