find a cozy coffee shop far from tourist spots

Lisbon is well known by its special light, and you will understand the meaning of it once you look over the St. George Castle hill and say to yourself: my god, this is special.

But far away from Lisbon downtown, far away from the streets filled with people try to catch that special light of Lisbon, there’s another perfect light: A Luz Ideal (The Perfect Light) was the name chosen by the owners of a cozy, beautiful and stylish caffee in the north part of the city.

a luz ideal

a luz ideal

a luz ideal

In an old neighbourhood, in the middle of Estrada da Luz – a road that once crossed farms – you will find a nice coffee shop, with big windows that fills the space with light, to relax and enjoy a slice of homemade lemon cake with lemon curd on top (nhammm), salads or pastas. Every day you will find a soup and two dishes, one of them a vegetarian one, for lunch. For drink? Several teas, fresh juices or lemonade.

A place to enjoy every minute of it.

a luz ideal


Rua General Schiappa Monteiro, 2A


Monday-Friday (09h30-20h00)

Saturday (09h30-14h30)

Close on Sunday

How can I get there?

Subway (Laranjeiras – Blue line) 10 min walk

Bus (701, 726, 764)


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