visit an open air gallery with real life models

When you go for a walk around Mouraria pay special attention to the walls around Largo dos Trigueiros: you can have a chance to witness the permanent exposition of English photographer Camilla Watson, who have chosen this old neighbourhood of Lisbon to install herself and her atelier.




After spending some time in Lisbon, the artist wanted to pay a special tribute to the elderly population, so she developed a special technique of printing images in a board and stick it directly in the walls with the name of each and everyone of the real models.


Here you will find some characters that you can actually meet in real life, in daytime situations. Over the time, Camilla Watson manage to develop a technique of printing directly on the walls, with a super long exposure and special equipment. The results can be seen around Cantinho do Aziz restaurant.

1029 DSC_0127

Camila Watson with her dog, D, Quixote
Camilla Watson with her dog, D. Quixote

Camilla Watson owns its one atelier in Largo dos Trigueiros and have other projects to be seen there.


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